New Hampshire Families

This web site contains a collection of data on New Hampshire families. In some cases a family can be traced for many generations, but in most cases the data is fragmentary and incomplete;this is still a work in progress!

Finding Your Ancestors

To find a person of interest, first select their surname from the surname list, then select their given name. A partial family group sheet will than appear for the person selected. The family group sheet is assembled by the software from the various fields in the database. It gives a partial synopsis of the family for identification purposes. The significant genealogical data all appears in the [Notes] files which are attached to about 1/3rd of the people.

Thus, in order to extract all the genealogical data on a given person, you need to look for their[Notes] file, as well as the files for their parents, spouses, in-laws, children, and siblings (if known). The [notes] files are clearly identifed by links on the family group sheet pages.

The compilers of the database are: laird towle,, and milli knudsen, Milli is a professional genealogist and the author of several books available from:

Remember - the only documented data is that in the [Notes] files.

December 2006 edition.

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